11+ and Grammar School Entrance



Parents and students involved in the +11 school entrance process are well aware of the stresses involved.


There is a high level of competition at 11+, with schools offering a limited number of places and applying more stringent enrolment procedures. Changing demographics, with an increase in the number of foreign students wanting a place in an independent secondary school, means that your child has to go the extra mile to secure a placement in the school of their choice.

Students use Jump Ahead English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning for 11+ preparation. The company also offers custom-made specimen school examinations, matching the questioning style and exam structure of many top UK secondary independent schools. School websites have a limited number of practice papers to download. Often, the papers are the same as they were several years back. The limited availability of specimen papers makes thorough 11+ preparation for your child even more daunting.

Papers for entry into selective grammar schools are not available. Grammar schools only make available familiarization questions on their websites. Jump Ahead has specimen school practice papers modelled on samples provided by top grammar schools in the UK.

From September 2016, Jump Ahead will offer Saturday Schools for 11+ preparation. Schools will be located in Central and North London.