13+ Common Entrance



Jump Ahead resources for CE13+ will be online by December 2015. The resources are similar to Key Stage 3 resources but designed for 13+ preparation using the ISEB syllabuses for EnglishMaths and Science.




Jump Ahead CE13+ resources

  • have the same design and format as activities for Key Stage 2 and 11+
  • are modular, focusing on specific topics
  • contain peer and self-assessment components
  • have clear learning outcomes and success criteria

Jump Ahead CE13+ resources cover


  • comprehension methods
  • comprehension activities
  • creative writing skills


  • calculations and problem solving
  • factors, multiples, primes and squares
  • percentage and place value
  • fractions, decimals and percentage
  • ratio and proportion
  • number sequences
  • algebra – grouping, simplifying and solving


  • cell structure and function
  • breathing and respiration
  • movement
  • reproduction
  • photosynthesis
  • solids, liquids and gases
  • elements, compounds and mixtures
  • separating mixtures
  • solutions
  • chemical reactions
  • extraction of metals
  • electrical circuits
  • gravity and friction
  • pressure systems
  • magnetism and electromagnets

Samples will be available to view and download from mid-October 2015

Please contact Jump Ahead with any questions you have relating to CE13+ resources.

077 044 101 00