For Key Stage 2 Students

diversity-660x330You can purchase Jump Ahead custom resources in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. The resources cover all the fundamental content and skills set out in National Curriculum and by the ISEB.


Parents purchase and download materials matching their child’s needs. Jump Ahead assists and makes recommendations to help you get the best learning materials for your child.

For example, your child may be skilled at Maths, but find English comprehension and composition challenging.  Using Jump Ahead comprehension and composition activities will make a significant impact on any student’s academic progress and achievement.

All resources are challenging but provide meaningful guidance and support. Your child becomes a confident learner who can think and do independently.

Jump Ahead resources and activities are designed progressively stretch and challenge, without students realizing any change in complexity.

Your child may unexpectedly say: ‘Wow! 80% in the last comprehension I did – how did that happen?’

The answer is they did it!