Jump Ahead  GCSE resources in English, Maths and Science will be available online by December 2015. The resources are designed for use at home or in the classroom. GCSE resources are suitable for state, academy, independent and grammar school learners.



Jump Ahead GCSE resources

  • have the same design and format as activities for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3
  • are modular, focusing on specific topics
  • contain peer and self-assessment components
  • have clear learning outcomes and success criteria

Jump Ahead GCSE resources cover


  • functional English
  • reading – information and media
  • writing to inform, describe, explain
  • writing to argue and persuade


  • number – structure and calculation
  • number – fractions. decimals and percentage
  • number – measure and accuracy
  • algebra – notation and manipulation
  • algebra – graphing


  • health, diet and exercise
  • disease and disease control
  • nervous system
  • hormones and functions in people
  • hormones and functions in plants


  • atoms, molecules and ions
  • Periodic Table
  • chemical reactions
  • metals – properties, extraction and uses
  • fossil fuels and hydrocarbons
  • kinetic model of matter


  • energy and energy transfer
  • electricity – generation, energy and uses
  • forces and applications
  • forces and motion

Samples will be available to view and download from mid-October 2015

Please contact Jump Ahead with any questions you have relating to GCSE resources.

077 044 101 00