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We haven’t done ‘The Tyger’ in class … I don’t understand what is meant by fearful symmetry? ’





Jump Ahead answers

You know what fear is, so ‘fearful’ is an adjective describing ‘symmetry’. Symmetry usually means ‘equal on both sides ‘. In this case, Blake uses ‘symmetry ‘ to describe Good and Evil. The ‘symmetry ’ is ‘fearful ‘ because God created a world in which both Good and Evil exist.

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lord-of-the-flies-02 Comprehension

This question on ‘Lord of the Flies’ is confusing! What do they mean by asking to provide evidence of the conflict between Ralph and Jack and explain how this shows the difference in their characters?



Jump Ahead answers

You need to provide – from the text – examples of when Jack and Ralph disagree, are fighting or have different opinions.  Conflict between Jack and Ralph is one of the central themes of Lord of the Flies. Ralph has the good of everybody in mind and represents civilization, strong leadership and morality. Jack is the opposite and desires power, is selfish and amoral. ‘

‘Look at the number of marks for the question. If the question is worth three marks, then provide three pieces of evidence by writing three clear, short sentences and include some quotations from the text.

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