Primary Schools

tcps-the-childs-primary-school-curriculumJump Ahead Key Stage resources cover all content in English and Mathematics as set out by National Curriculum Standards. Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning activities are also available.


State or independent schools bulk purchase resources according to their needs and curriculum structure. The cost of bulk purchase is significantly lower than single purchases made by private clients.

Using Jump Ahead material in the classroom means

  • a move away from traditional texts, many of which are considered dull and dated
  • easy measurability of learning outcome or success criteria attainment
  • students being able to express and apply their individual Learning Style in the classroom
  • effective group work tapping individual strengths
  • activities that challenge and extend; using English and Maths in the real world
  • rigorously preparing students for their secondary school English and Maths
  • effective classroom management as a consequence of student participation
  • teachers can use time more efficiently, less preparation and more teaching
  • comprehensive activity solutions facilitate seamless assessment and self-assessment

Contact Jump Ahead to talk about the best resources to buy for your school and discounts for bulk purchase.

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