Jump Ahead Look

learning1vcccJump Ahead resources are developed for students of all abilities and who have a range of learning styles , different personalities and interests.

Activities contain exercises beyond standard writing, calculating or problem solving. Exercises include design, modelling, investigation, research, forming opinions and role play, plus many more.


Jump Ahead means ‘use what you learn.’

The Jump Ahead unprecedented look

  • personal and individualized
  • clear instructions and examples
  • inclusive language so children don’t feel patronized
  • skills based learning for real world application
  • students use multiple intelligence
  • genuine curriculum links
  • revision exercises for concept reinforcement
  • JUMP instead of a question number for sameness
  • variety to engage and motivate learners
  • peer assessment for social development
  • self-assessment CHECKPOINT at the end of activities
  • specific learning outcomes or success criteria

View or download a Jump Ahead Maths sample to see the incorporation of these elements.