Online Placement Guidance

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Jump Ahead helps to find the best secondary school match for your child.




Consultants use these factors to assist in deciding on ‘which school ‘ for each student

  • learning style
  • academic level
  • hobbies and interests
  • personality
  • talents
  • school ethos

A Jump Ahead consultant analyzes school reports, school work, sets assessment tasks and does a learning style review. You receive a comprehensive report detailing recommendations when interviews and assessments are complete.

Open and ongoing consultation between you, your child and the same Jump Ahead consultant takes place until the 11+  or 13+ process is over. Consultants monitor student progress, provide support and a good working rapport with everybody is established.

Interviews and consultation use online communication platforms. From April 2016, Jump Ahead will have school placement consultancy as both home-based and online services.