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After a quick registration process, you can buy Jump Ahead resources for your school in two ways




Select the resources your teachers need for students. At checkout, select DOWNLOAD and pay. You’ll receive an email containing links for unlimited downloads of each resource in PDF format. ¬†You’ll also be sent an email confirming proof of payment.

Please note that the links expire after 10 calendar days. Also, the resources become inaccessible if you forward the email from Jump Ahead.


Select the resources your school wants. At checkout, select ORDER and pay. You’ll be sent a confirmation email from Jump Ahead, including proof of payment. Jump Ahead will dispatch 10 hard copies of each resource to you using Class 2 Mail. You can expect delivery within 4 working days. You can make as many copies of the resources as you like, providing they are only used at your school.

Download Pros and Cons

  • your teachers and students have immediate access to resources
  • your school saves money
  • printing colour PDFs consumes a lot of ink

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Jump Ahead takes copyright and intellectual property protection seriously. Please read the Terms and Conditions document before checkout. Copyright and IP restrictions are clearly explained. The person responsible for purchasing for your school will need to acknowledge reading the T&C document by providing an electronic signature.